Monday, 27 Mar 2023

Harry and Meghan branded ‘hypocrites’ over royal titles

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been blasted as “hypocrites” for accepting Prince and Princess titles for their children, while launching “attack after attack” on the royals.

Former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole declared: “Harry and Meghan have run away to America, where they have painted a picture of the British monarchy as insufferable, unacceptable and unpleasant.

“At the same time, they insist on all the honorific privileges that monarchy can bestow.

“They want to play on both sides of the street and this leaves them open to the legitimate charge of hypocrisy.”

Royal author Margaret Holder added: “What of Harry’s previous decision to raise his children as private citizens?

“They were not expected to have royal roles or privileges, rather like Princess Anne’s children, Peter and Zara.

“Harry’s reversal looks absurd. He has spent the last three years criticising the institution of monarchy, claiming he fled with Meghan and baby Archie in tow for their safety.

“Here now are four titled royals living in quasi-exile in Montecito – yet royal titles officially have no place in America, as the Constitution expressly states: ‘No title of nobility shall be granted in the United States.’”

Harry and Meghan announced last week that their daughter, who turns two in June, had been christened by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor, in a private ceremony where she was referred to as Princess Lilibet Diana.

Her title and that of her brother Archie, who is four in May, would be updated on Buckingham Palace’s website, they said.

King Charles reportedly told Harry his children would be granted the titles after the Queen’s funeral last year – but Mr Cole slammed the couple for “jumping the gun” in making those titles public, adding: “It shows to me they intend to carry on trading heavily on their young family’s royal connections even though they continue to launch attack after attack on all of Harry’s relatives.

“Harry has been especially cruel to his brother, father and mother-in-law.”

Mr Cole feels the Sussexes, whose popularity has waned in US opinion polls this year, will outstay their welcome there when they run out “fresh ways to bash the Royal Family”, adding that they “could end up being looked on as museum objects, like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were towards the end”.

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