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Gloomiest city in the UK named despite being first UNESCO City of Film

Research from Betway into the country’s sunniest spots, has in turn revealed the gloomiest areas.

Unsurprisingly, the top ten areas with the least amount of sun and the highest winds and rain, are in the north of Britain.

Bradford in West Yorkshire took the top spot as the UK’s murkiest city, with Blackpool and Aberdeen taking second and third.

The research took into account the average number of daylight hours in the year, as well as the months of the year that have the most sun.

The boffins also took into account the average annual temperature, the number of beaches/distance to the nearest beach, average annual rainfall and how windy the area is.

Each city was scored out of 70, with Bradford achieving a pitiful 11.7 points.

Despite the city’s score being lower than the clouds that hang over it, the Yorkshire tourist board came out swinging to defend the cultural value of the area.

Welcome to Yorkshire told “The vitality of Bradford is hard to ignore. The bright lights of the Alhambra Theatre welcome visitors to see internationally renowned shows such as Hamilton.

“Van Gogh Live recently toured in Bradford bringing the stunning art and light show to thousands of visitors.

“Bradford is the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, a centre of Victorian heritage and the curry Capital of Britain.

“It isn’t hard to see why Bradford was recently selected as the UK’s City of Culture for 2025. For inspiration, culture and heritage, visit Bradford.”

Blackpool was a close second behind the West Yorkshire city, with an overall score of 12.4 out of 70.

The Lancashire seaside town, famed for its ballroom, the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Tower, was found to be the rainiest town in the country, with 1,324mm on average per year.

The resort was also the seventh windiest place in the UK, with an average wind speed of 21.73km/hr.

The rest of the list has Belfast in fourth, followed by Sheffield, Glasgow, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Newport and Swansea.

Unsurprisingly, southern England escaped the gloomy chart, given its higher average temperature and lower rainfall.

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