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Finsbury Park mosque attacker 'stabbed in prison revenge attack'

A jailed terrorist was attacked behind bars by an inmate as ‘revenge’ for his crimes.

Darren Osborne, 53, was jailed in 2018 for killing one man and injuring 12 others near the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London the previous summer.

He was given a life sentence, and it has now been reported by The Sun that he has been slashed whilst in HMP Frankland Prison.

Prison authorities believe Osborne was attacked by another inmate with an ‘improvised knife.’

He is said to have been cut from ‘forehead to chin’ while they also tried to ‘gouge an eye out’ in the brutal attack.

A source told the newspaper: ‘Osborne has been walking around with a target on his back as there are a few Muslim gangs in the prison.

‘Someone was bound to get him and this bloke did, with a home-made knife, while others kept watch.

‘There was blood everywhere.

‘He tried to gouge an eye out and strangle him, but guards stopped him.

‘Osborne needed stitches. He’s lucky not to have been more badly hurt.

‘He was back from hospital fairly quickly and is being kept isolated for his own protection.

‘The attacker was banged into segregation.’

It’s not the first time Osborne has been the victim of an attack since being in prison. 

Back in 2020, another inmate stabbed Osborne in the forehead at Full Sutton prison near York. 

In 2019, he had boiling water thrown into his face while serving at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire. 

The most recent incident is reportedly being investigated by local police. 

According to friends and family, Osborne had shown little signs of far-right sympathies until just a few months before the 2017 attack near Finsbury Park Mosque. 

His estranged partner later said he had been angered by a docudrama about the Rochdale child abuse sex ring, and became possessed of the idea that Islam gives rise to a predilection for rape. 

It’s believed his decision to carry out the attack near the Finsbury Park Mosque was prompted by the terrorist incident on London Bridge in early June 2017, for which ISIS later claimed responsibility.

At around midnight on 19 June 2017, Osborne rammed into several pedestrians near the place of worship in North London using a hired van, many of them leaving the Finsbury Park mosque following late-night prayers. 

Osborne was subsequently beaten until the mosque’s imam intervened, and he was then held down until the police arrived. 

He pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism-related murder and attempted murder on December 21 of that year. 

He was found not guilty the following February and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum period of 43 years behind bars.

HMP Frankland and Durham Constabulary have been contacted for comment by

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