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Fearless gran celebrates 90th birthday by jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet

A fearless grandma celebrated her 90th birthday by jumping out of an aeroplane at 12,000 feet.

Hilary Oxley was bought the skydive as a surprise birthday present by her family just weeks earlier – and was joined by two of her granddaughters.

But the nonagenarian was unfazed, insisting her weekly shop was “more of an ordeal”.

Hilary, of Romford, East London, was the first to jump – but said it was more bother boarding the plane.

It was her second skydive after doing one on her 80th.

Granddaughters Stephanie Russell, 41, and Daisy Higgs, 29, said they were terrified. But staff at Skydive Headcorn in Ashford, Kent, were surprised how relaxed Hilary was about the whole thing.

After the jump she said: “You only live once. The experience is lovely – sometimes when I go shopping I’m more nervous.”

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The gran turned 90 on July 22, a day after winning a holiday to Marbella from a scratchcard.

She said: “Never in a million years when I did it when I was 80 did I think I would be here 10 years later.”

The jump was delayed by eight hours due to strong winds, while Hilary struggled to board the small plane owing to bleeding from her legs.

But when it came to exiting from the dizzying height of 2.3 miles, the gran was first.

Her grandaughters meanwhile admitted to being more than a little scared.

Stephanie said: “It’s amazing for me and my sister… to share that memory with my nan.”

Hilary has refused to rule out another dive when she turns 95.

Jane Buckle, boss of Skydive Headcorn, hailed her “great achievement” but revealed a 95-year-old women earlier this year is their oldest jumper.

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