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Emotional moment dog reunites with owner after being stuck underground for days


A dog has been reunited with its owner after being trapped underground for three days. Five-year-old Cavapoo Bear disappeared after falling down a fox hole in Seaton Park, Aberdeen on Thursday. Owner Dasha Samatonia said she became “desperate” to find Bear, enlisting the help of the community to find the pup as well as experts from drone and draining companies who were visiting the area.

Bear was eventually found on Sunday night when Ms Samatonia helped rescue her beloved dog.

Video footage captured the emotional moment when she is seen using her jumper to rescue the pup, giving him something to grab onto.

In the video, Ms Samatonia is heard saying she can hear Bear breathing as she tries to rescue him.

She told the Daily Record she was “terrified” and “desperate” to find Bear.

She said: “Because of Bear’s size – he’s quite big, about 13kg – we think that he probably got stuck somewhere. From there onwards I called the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) to come and me and help me.

“It was dark as well, it was very quiet and we couldn’t hear anything. The SFRS came to assist and look down the fox holes but unfortunately they couldn’t hear anything, they couldn’t see anything.”

Ms Samatonia, a lecturer at the University of Greenwich said it had been an “emotional” few days.

“It’s incredible how everyone offered their support and brought an amazing team of people together. He would never have been found and reunited alive with me without everyone’s help,” she added.

She thanked everyone in the community for their help rescue her beloved dog.

She said: “Thanks to the people of Aberdeen City. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Bear is now in the care of Vets Now in Aberdeen where he is being checked over.

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