Monday, 27 Mar 2023

Elusive artist Banksy confirms new UK street art is his own

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Street artists Banky has debuted a new Valentine’s Day piece, marking the first piece in the UK for over a year. The artwork spotted in Margate, Kent appears to highlight domestic violence with a 1950s housewife sporting washing-up gloves, a black eye and a missing tooth as she pushes a man, presumably her husband, into a freezer. Banksy shared a series of photos of the artwork on social media with the heading ‘Valentine’s day mascara’, zooming in to show a close up of the woman’s bruised face.

The piece is set on a white wall backdrop, with users online speculating it is off Grosvenor Place in Margate.

It also features a variety of rubbish on the ground in front of the artwork, including a broken white garden chair, a blue crate and an empty beer bottle.

The artwork is Banky’s first back in Britain for over a year after the anonymous graffiti artist announced they had created 50 screenprints which would be sold to raise funds for a charity supporting the people of Ukraine.

Banksy also spent time in Ukraine after posting a video of an artist spray-painting designs in the war-torn country and speaking to locals.

The local council in the area Thanet council later removed the chest freezer which featured as part of the artwork.

Local news outlet ‘The Isle of Thanet News’ quotescounty councillor Barry Lewis, saying: “It’s a disgrace. This brought international acclaim to Margate and within hours Thanet council has destroyed a valuable asset to the town. The council leader should resign.”

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