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Elon Musk plans to stop letting X (formerly Twitter) users block each other

In the latest potential upheaval of X (formerly Twitter), boss Elon Musk says he plans to do away with users’ ability to block each other.

The thread on the topic started when the account Tesla Owners Silicon Valley wrote on the platform, ‘Is there ever a reason to block vs mute someone? Give your reasons.’

Musk on Friday replied: ‘Block is going to be deleted as a “feature” except for DMs.’

He added, ‘It makes no sense.’

Currently, X users can block others and stop them from seeing their posts or contacting them by direct message.

Meanwhile, muting a user makes it so their content does not appear on the user’s timeline, but both users can still view each other’s posts.

It was not immediately known when Musk’s plan would go into effect.

Since purchasing Twitter for $44billion last year, Musk has given the platform a major overhaul, from restoring users who had been banned to taking away legacy verified checkmarks. Recently, he even changed the name from Twitter to X, and replaced the iconic blue bird logo with an X.

Some users disagreed with Musk’s new idea and were vocal about it.

‘Imagine not being able to understand why you’d want to block someone. @elonmusk is actively destroying this site bit by bit,’ wrote journalist David Leavitt.

‘This is a big mistake.’

But Twitter founder Jack Dorsey weighed in with the opposite opinion.

‘Mute only,’ wrote Dorsey, along with a 100% emoji.

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