Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

E-scooter slams into girl, 3, at local park so hard that she has ‘life-changing’ injuries

E-Scooters branded ‘disaster’ by commentator calling for ban

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Local residents are now calling for the scooters to be banned from all parks because of the dangers they can pose to passersby. The toddler was hit by a young man as her horrified family watched on when they were walking into a park on Monday evening.

The incident occurred at the entrance to Myatt Field’s Park in south east London, fuelling the debate on whether or not electric scooters should be restricted in some places.

Rob Smith, an environmentalist who lives nearby, believes e-scooters are a “recipe for disaster” and more rules are needed to prevent similar accidents.

He said: “When I went to pick up my daughter from school there was a guy on an e-scooter going around 20 mph.

“I don’t like them, because they are lazy and you don’t concentrate on what you’re doing.

“You’re just pressing go and stop and some riders even wear headphones – It’s a recipe for disaster.

“They’re just like a car, but without an engine.”

Mr Smith explained that the issue goes far beyond parks and that e-scooters are a “nationwide safety problem”.

He added: “I believe they are very dangerous for children and I think they should put an age limit on it.

“They should be banned in the park, big time. And not just this park but all parks, because this a nationwide safety problem.”

One restriction the 39-year-old would like to see introduced is an age limit on those riding the scooters.

He said: “A child should not be allowed to ride a scooter that goes faster than five mph in my opinion.

“They should also have to do a test or something. It’s crazy that children are allowed to ride them.”

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