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Driver stopped by traffic police for driving on motorway with parrot on shoulder

It’s fair to say that most road users have come across cars carrying cats and dogs, usually in cages in the boot. Pulling up alongside a vehicle containing a talking bird is almost certainly a far less regular occurence.

However, today it emerged that police were forced to intercept a motorist accompanied by a feathered companion.

Traffic cops caught a driver motoring down the M62 in the north west with an African grey parrot perched on his shoulder.

North West Motorway Police said its officers stopped the unknown man as he was driving down the trans-pennine motorway linking Liverpool and Hull.

The bird, the force said, was sat on the man’s shoulder rather than being in a suitable carrier.

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Adding to the social media post detailing the incident, the police said that the requirement for animals to be suitably contained inside vehicles to ensure that they do not interfere with the driver.

In a bizarre tongue-in-cheek statement, the authorities said they didn’t know whether to refer to the motorist as a “driver or pirate”.

A Traffic Offence Report (TRO) was given out to the driver according to police.

North West Motorway Police sees officers from multiple authorities join forces to police the motorways within Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

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The full police statement said: “Not sure whether to use the term driver or pirate for this post. MC41 stopped them on the M62 with an African grey parrot on his shoulder.

“Animals should be in suitable carriers/restraints so that they don’t interfere with your ability to drive safely. TOR issued to the human.”

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