Sunday, 9 May 2021

‘Don’t come then!’ Carole Malone rages at MSP attacking Prince Philip in Holyrood speech

Prince Philip: Harvie slammed for 'disrespectful' tribute

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Patrick Harvie has been slammed by Carole Malone for the Scottish Green’s “disrespectful” tribute to Prince Philip during a special session of Holyrood to honour the Duke of Edinburgh after his death. Ms Malone called the Scottish politician, whose party has long been campaigning for an elected head of state instead of the Queen, a “nasty little man” during a furious rant on Channel 5 with Jeremy Vine.

Ms Malone told Jeremy Vine: “I think it was totally disrespectful and a think a what a nasty little man.

“You know there is a time and a place to make your political arguments. 

“You know he is rabidly anti-monarchy always has been.

“And there is a time and a place to make those statements and now is not it.”

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She added: “He made comments about Phillip’s wealth and privilege and status, well he can’t help that, that is what he was born into!

“That is what he married into.

“It was interesting that Patrick Harvie talked about blood sports as well you know he was disrespecting the Duke, saying he hunted.

“I am wondering what Patrick Harvie has ever done for the environment.”

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“I know he campaigns about it, I know he talks about it a lot but Prince Philip actually did something.

“He started the world wildlife foundation, he was a huge environmentalist all his life.

“I am just wondering what Patrick Harvie and his like have actually done.

“They talk about it but they don’t do or achieve much.”

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Mr Harvie faintly praised the Duke’s recorded environmental commitment as he noted the prince’s wealth and privilege did not affect his “mortality.”

The Greens MSP said: “In this chamber as in this country we do not all share the same views of the monarchy or the same feelings today. It would be wrong to pretend that we did.

“This has been a year of terrible loss, for the world, including up to 150,000 Covid deaths across the UK, most of them announced without ceremony as daily statistics.

“The toll has been heaviest on those with least. But while there is no great leveller in how we live our lives we are today reminded there is no extreme of wealth, privilege or status which can protect us from mortality.

“In this respect, every human being is indeed equal, death comes to us all and every family feels the pain of loss.”

The speech caused an uproar, with several members of the public branding it a “disgrace.”

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