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Customer swears off McDonald's after spotting seven rats climbing all over bin

One horrified customer has vowed to never eat at a Hull McDonald’s again after they spotted ‘seven rats’ climbing in and out of a bin at the Holderness Road branch.

A chilling photo taken at the scene of the crime shows at least five rodents climbing around a bin in the McDonald’s car park. The incident is alleged to have happened on Wednesday evening (March 12), at around 6pm.

The customer also alleges that, shortly afterwards, a member of staff came and changed the rat-infested bin without wearing any PPE.

On Facebook, a member of the public posted: ‘Feel free to share before someone gets seriously unwell!!! Rat for tea anyone?! Well to be precise 7 rats!! Talk about vermin control?!

‘After seeing this, I will NOT be using McDonald’s on Holderness Road. A member of staff went and changed the bin bag without any PPE on and returned into the restaurant.’

Speaking to Hull Live, the unnamed customer said: ‘I am aware that where there are fast food places and where there is food waste, there will be vermin, but this is something else. This isn’t good vermin control when you can witness this in broad daylight.’

Vermin problems have plagued multiple McDonald’s restaurants in recent months, both in Hull and further afield. In January, one woman vowed never to use the chain again after filming a rat scurrying across a table in a McDonald’s in Tilbury.

Closer to home, in November, one man counted eight rats scurrying under cars at the McDonald’s drive thru in Willerby. He compared the worrying sight to ‘a scene in Ratatouille’, with the rodents ‘running under cars’ and “leaping over rat traps”.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: ‘We take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. Pest control experts recently carried out a routine inspection of the site and confirmed there has been no evidence of pest-related activity in the restaurant.

‘We are working with the landlords to proactively manage any potential challenges arising from the nearby railway area. The restaurant itself has not been impacted.’

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