Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021

Covid vaccine: Which vaccine did the Queen have?

Queen tells health leaders that COVID-19 vaccine was 'harmless'

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Covid vaccine rollout in the UK is an undeniable success, as health workers have nearly covered all of the country’s most vulnerable cohorts as they move on to address the wider population. Queen Elizabeth II was one of those people, having received her vaccine in January alongside Prince Philip. The monarch has helped rally people around the jab, speaking about her experience and urging others to follow.

Which vaccine did the Queen have?

The Queen has spoken out in favour of vaccination in the UK after she received hers in January.

At the time, she was the second head of state to accept one, following Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

But Buckingham Palace did not disclose which jab officials administered.

Chris Ship, ITV’s royal editor, said the Palace “will not say” which vaccine she had as he reported the news last month.

They also did not disclose whether the royals had their first or second doses.

Regulators had approved two for use at the time, the AstraZeneca and Pfizer jabs.

Although royal officials have stayed tight-lipped on some details, the Queen was happy to speak about her experience.

Talking to vaccine deployment leaders in a video call yesterday, she thanked them and encouraged those watching to take up on the offer.

She asked people to think about others “rather than themselves”.

The monarch said: “It was very quick, and I’ve had lots of letters from people who have been very surprised at how easy it was to get the vaccine.”

She added the jab “didn’t hurt at all” and praised those behind the “remarkable” progress.

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The Queen said: “Once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected, which is I think very important.

“I think the other thing is, that it is obviously difficult for people if they’ve never had a vaccine.

“But they ought to think about other people rather than themselves.”

She added: “I think it is remarkable how quickly the whole thing has been done and so many people have had the vaccine already.”

The UK is now approaching another vaccine milestone, with 18 million people inoculated.

Health workers have nearly covered all of the most vulnerable groups with at least one jab and hope to have finished by April.

After then, they will vaccinate the remaining healthiest people in the second phase.

People aged between 40 and 49 will come first, followed by 30 and 39, and finally ages 18 to 29.

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