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Commuter gets eyeful from homeowners parading naked in windows opposite station

A daily commute to work can be a mundane journey, but for one commuter in London, it turned out to be a shocking experience they will never forget.

On the community platform Reddit, one user has expressed their surprise after spotting numerous different naked people in the windows of their flats next to a busy railway line.

Travelling from London Victoria in the north of the River Thames, through to Battersea, and down to Clapham Junction, the Reddit user admitted they had seen four people strutting naked with their curtains wide open.

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The post read: “On the train from Victoria to Clapham Junction at 10 in the evening, and I’ve seen three nudey windows. Two had people just standing around naked with the curtains open, and one was a couple making (what looked like) sweet sweet love. Do they not care or do they think the trains are going too fast for people to notice?”

The query developed with the owner of the post questioning whether the homeowners knew they were visible or just didn’t care.

Other London commuters have shared their travel experiences on their journeys to and from work on the London Underground and Railways.

One said: “Remember my first day after I moved in to a new flat in Camberwell. Got out the shower, was drying myself, wasn’t concerned about the curtains being open as I was on the 1st floor, and I figured the angles meant anyone at ground level could only see my neck and up.

“Then a double decker bus pulled up and stopped right next to my window, the top deck packed full of people on their way to work was greeted with the sight of me drying my balls full frontal from a distance of about 3 meters away. I started closing the curtain after that!”

The respondents also joked about being seen naked: “At least you brightened someone’s morning! Probably gave you an adrenaline rush better than coffee to wake you up too, haha!”

Another tried to find a reasonable excuse for the sighting: “We all live so close in London. I reckon a lot of people just wouldn’t think it was a big deal if someone travelling by very quickly on a train saw a flash of skin.”

The anonymous owner of the post added: “I remember most of the faces just looking shocked and horrified, but there was one bloke at the back who was laughing so hard he looked like he was struggling to breathe.”

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