Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

Christmas deliveries: Festive misery for shoppers with fake signatures and foxes chewing parcels

Parcels thrown over a fence, fake signatures and foxes chewing at goods were some of the problems experienced by people with Christmas deliveries last year, according to a survey.

Nearly seven in 10 shoppers had at least one problem with a delivery, the survey of more than 2,000 people by the consumer group Which? has shown.

The issues included a clothes delivery ending up in a food waste bin and another shopper claiming their signature had been forged for a parcel which was left on their doorstep.

A laptop which had been ordered never arrived – despite apparently being signed for the month before.

Others reported their deliveries being damaged after being thrown over a fence, while one shopper said a fox had chewed their parcel which had been left outside in the rain.

Some 69% of people who shopped online last Christmas had at least one problem, while 23% said at least one delivery never arrived.

Which? said 18% reported that their delivery arrived late, while 11% did not receive their goods in time for Christmas.

The findings will not encourage online shoppers with more people this year relying on home delivery services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adam French, Which? consumer rights expert, said: “Christmas is when we really want parcels to arrive on time – but unfortunately it’s also peak time for late, damaged or missing deliveries and we have heard stories of shockingly bad service from the big courier firms.”

In a separate survey, Which? asked more than 13,000 members about their experience with major couriers between March and August.

Which? said in its survey UPS was rated the worst courier for keeping customers satisfied in key categories.

A UPS statement given to Which? said: “At UPS, we deliver an average of 20 million parcels per day around the world and pride ourselves on our service quality and reliability.

“As a matter of company policy, we do not comment on third party research.”

In terms of how quickly couriers delivered orders, Amazon was rated top, while DPD was the best for delivery slots.

Royal Mail had the most satisfied customers in the category for where deliveries were left.

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