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CCTV appears to show police following e-bike before fatal Cardiff crash

CCTV footage appears to show a police van following two people on an electric bike before the fatal crash which sparked a riot in Cardiff overnight. Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and 15-year-old Harvey Evans were killed in the Ely area of the Welsh capital while riding an electric bike. Tensions reached breaking point after officers were called to the scene in Snowden Road shortly after 6pm on Monday.

Experts at the BBC analysed the video which was time-stamped to 5.59pm on Monday in Frank Road, Ely, just 900m away from the scene of the suspected crash.

It comes after South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said that a chase did not take place.

Some residents in the district had claimed the two boys were being pursued by South Wales Police – an allegation denied by the force.

The footage is believed to have led to widespread anger among residents. The South Wales force said arrests have been made but did not say how many.

Chief Superintendent Martyn Stone, speaking outside Cardiff Bay Police Station, said on Tuesday that when the collision happened there was no police vehicle in the road.

He said: “South Wales Police is continuing to investigate a fatal road traffic collision and serious disorder which happened in the Ely area of Cardiff last night.

“At 6.03pm yesterday we received a report of a serious collision on Snowden Road, which tragically resulted in the deaths of two teenage boys.

“The families of the two boys are being supported by family liaison officers and our thoughts are with both families at this terrible time.”

He continued: “An electric bike has been seized from the scene and enquiries are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances.

“We’re received CCTV footage that shows a police vehicle following a bike at just prior to 6pm. This footage is being recovered as part of the investigation and will assist us in piecing together the circumstances leading up to the collision. The families are being kept up to date.”

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