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British family travels 4,000 miles to have baby on Carribean beach now stranded

A British family who travelled 4,000 miles to have a baby are now stranded and running out of food.

Iuliia Gurzhii, 38, flew to the Caribbean nation of St Lucia with her husband, Clive, 51, to have their child.

After being unable to register their daughter’s birth or apply for a passport, the couple said they are now “stranded” with their four-month-old baby.

As more time passes, Clive said he fears they could soon run out of food leaving them in a perilous position.

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When Iuliia and Clive set off from Manchester they were aiming to fulfil their dream of having “the most natural birth” for their daughter.

They travelled to Martinique in the Caribbean before sailing to St Lucia.

However, Iuliia’s water broke whilst the couple were at sea and their daughter, Louisa, was born on April 23 at 12.40am.

Complicating matters is the fact their eight-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, is stuck in the UK because they were unable to get her passport renewed.

This has formed part of a travel nightmare for the pair as they try and find a way back home.

The couple have been told they cannot register Louisa’s birth because she is over 24 hours old.

Furthermore, the emigration office has said they need proof that Louisa is their baby whilst the passport office said they can’t help because there is no evidence that the baby has been born.

The UK High Commission has allegedly said they required a DNA test, the results of which are still reportedly pending.

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Speaking to the Irish Star, Clive said: “We have been passed around different agencies and nobody will help us. We are running out of money. We will soon run out of food, and nobody is helping us.”

Clive claimed that he, Iuliia, and Louisa were stateless and prisoners: “We are essentially stateless – we are more than abandoned. We are prisoners in a country that we are not allowed to leave.”

As the storm season rolled in, the couple moved their boat from St Lucia to Grenada on June 20, 2023, for safety reasons.

The couple hopes that when they get their DNA test result back they can get a passport for Louisa and go home, but until then they say they are being “traumatised” by the experience.

Iuliia said: “I can’t sleep at night. It is traumatizing. I am scared of the night it is hurricane season we have storms now – it is traumatizing for us all. I can’t stop crying, we are begging for help – we have been abandoned.”

Clive added: “We don’t have enough money for flights. When we came over here, they were £600 each and now they are a few grand.

“We keep being called by the Foreign Office and they ask us if we have an update for them. They should be the ones helping us get out of here.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said they had offered “consular support to a British family in St Lucia”.

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