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Britain’s youngest pub lady hailed as natural is barely old enough to drink

Britain’s youngest pub landlady is a “natural” despite only just being old enough to drink. Rheanna Geraghty runs the Waggon and Horses pub in Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire at the age of 18, while also studying to be a beauty therapist. Despite being so young Rheanna said taking on the responsibility has “completely changed her life”. 

Rheanna began working at the village pub when she was just 16 to help earn money after her GCSE exams but when she turned 18 in September she could start working behind the bar. 

By March, owner Chris Collier was so impressed he decided she should be his successor while he takes over another pub himself. 

Rheanna said: “My boss always said how natural I am around the pub, and now he’s bought another pub, he’s not around as much.

“So he’s put me in charge, which feels weird considering I’m only just the legal age to drink.”

Now, Rheanna hopes to complete her studies to become a beauty therapist in the day and work at the pub in the evenings. 

Rheanna said her favourite part of the job is when it’s “full and everyone is happy” but admits she was “a bit nervous” at first.

She added: “I’ve always really enjoyed it here and I know how everything works from being here for two years.

“My favourite part about the job is when the pub is full and everyone is happy. I like being constantly busy.

“The staff and the regulars respect me and are really supportive – they want to see both me and the pub do well.

“At first I was a bit nervous about taking on the responsibility of it all, but that’s passed now. Everything’s going well.

“Working at the pub has completely changed my life with the people and the relationships I have.

“And my family are my biggest supporters – they couldn’t be prouder of me.”

Outgoing landlord Chris said he is “extremely proud” of the “strong independent woman” Rheanna had become.

He added: “She is already pushing forward with her own vision for the Waggon which includes the hiring of a new chef, new menus, and wine lists.

“Rheanna is not only the Waggon’s youngest ever landlady but possibly the youngest landlady in the UK at the age of 18.”


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