Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

Britain’s ‘cheapest’ fish and chip shop where you can grab a meal for just £3

An entrepreneur has said his fish and chip shop serves the UK’s cheapest portion of fish and chips.

Stan Mathews, 56, said he is selling fish and chips at prices three times less than the national average.

Last year, the average price of a portion of fish and chips rose by 19 percent to £9, up £1.44 from the previous year.

Mr Mathews said he has tried to keep costs down to help people during the cost of living crisis.

He revealed that he was able to keep prices low by running his own fish supply business and smoking his own haddock.

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He added that there was “no profit” in what he was doing but was willing to do it to make it easier for families to have a nourishing meal.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “I smoke my own haddock, so I can keep my overheads down.

“Other chippy owners in the area also try to charge a low price, there’s some charging £3.50, another at £3.75, but I reckon mine must be the cheapest in Britain, or certainly one of them.”

Mr Mathews added: “It’s good they’re trying to keep their prices low too, but they can’t offer the same deals as me because they have to buy their fish from suppliers.”

The Mirror reported that Mr Mathew’s meal deal has come at a difficult time for people in his local area.

Grimsby, where the shop is based, is one of the most deprived areas in the UK and people are struggling to survive the cost of living crisis.

Mr Mathews said: “Mortgages have doubled. Food’s gone up. Fuel’s gone up – even people from out of the area sometimes make the trip, just to make a bit of a saving.”

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He added: “My deal is £3 for fish and chips with either mushy peas or gravy, there’s no profit in that.”

Alongside the people of Grimsby, thousands of Britons are dreading the onset of winter as the cold temperatures mean the cost of living could rise dramatically.

Charity Age UK is calling on the government to support less affluent pensioners. Speaking to the Express, charity director at Age UK Caroline Abrahams said: “It’s really worrying to discover from our research that so many older people are already cutting back on their food shopping.

“Once it gets colder their costs will substantially rise, so what will they do then? We fear the answer is that many will feel they have no choice but to ration their food and other groceries, potentially putting their health at risk.”

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