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Brexit supporter who egged Jeremy Corbyn JAILED – ‘Attacks on MPs must stop’

John Murphy, 31, smacked the Labour leader with an egg on the right side of his head while yelling “respect the vote” during a mosque visit on March 3. Mr Corbyn was not hurt in the incident and continued his planned programme of events alongside Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary. The Brexit supporter pleaded guilty today to common assault by beating, and was jailed for 28 days by Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot at Westminster magistrates court.

Mr Murphy, of Barnet in north-west London, attacked Mr Corbyn during the visit to Finsbury Park mosque and Muslim Welfare House in his north London constituency as part of the annual Visit My Mosque Day initiative.

He was arrested shortly after the incident.

The court heard Mr Murphy had a further four eggs on him when searched at the police station.

Speaking to the Guido Fawkes blog, Mr Murphy justified the egging as an act of civil disobedience in response to Labour’s decision to back a second referendum.

The party announced calls for a second referendum just one week before the incident.

Mr Corbyn said he saw Mr Murphy’s face “contorted in anger” and said he appeared “very aggressive”.

The Labour leader added he was “shocked and surprised” by the attack which forced him to review his personal security.

As Ms Aburhtnot sentenced Mr Murphy, she said: “An attack like this is an attack on the democratic process.

“The impact on Jeremy Corbyn has been considerable, he says he was very shocked and surprised and he had always previously felt safe.”

Mr Murphy’s lawyer, Malik Aldeiri, had claimed Mr Corbyn had “over-egged” the impact of the assault, and he urged the judge to not jail the attacker.

But Ms Aburhtnot told the court: “Attacks on MPs must stop, of whatever type, with an egg or in any other way.

“The message needs to go out that the courts will not allow this to continue.”

In a victim statement read to the court, Mr Corbyn said: “I was shocked and surprised when the assault occurred as I have always felt safe and secure at the Muslim Welfare House.

“The assault was completely unprovoked and threatening.

“Whilst I’m determined to make sure I’m able to interact with people as I always have, I now have to be more cautious.

“I feel these kinds of attacks drive a wedge between elected representatives and those who elected them in the first place.

“We are now reviewing and increasing my security protection.”

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