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Botched gastric sleeve operation leaves Brit’s organs ‘like concrete’

A woman’s stomach was left “like concrete” after she had a horrific gastric sleeve operation in Turkey in an effort to lose weight. Pink Jolley, 45, from Wirral, made the decision to undergo the operation abroad to save money – but was left “nearly dying”.

Polly had just reached a dress size of 24, with doctors having already warned of the dangers of her increasing weight. Serious medical complications had left Polly in a wheelchair.

She had been diagnosed with pancreatitis, shocking cholesterol levels, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, type 2 and type 3c diabetes, and sepsis.

At 17st 11lbs (112kg), she launched a GoFundMe to “allow her to have a future” after spending four years on NHS waiting lists, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Having raised £2,000, Pinky headed to Istanbul in November and booked herself in for the operation. 

The gastric sleeve procedure reduces stomach size by 85 percent. While she did have some concerns about the invasive two-hour procedure, she decided to go ahead.

The complications arose soon after. Pinky was experiencing intense abdominal pain, vomiting, and dehydration.

When she arrived back home, her GP recommended she immediately head to hospital. An emergency CT scan at Arrow Park Hospital showed a serious leak after surgery led to an infection which had turned her internal organs “to concrete”.

Commenting on her experience since the surgery, Pinky said: “I feel misled and upset that something that was meant to help has caused me so much suffering. I’ve lost four stone in four weeks because my stomach is tiny.

“I wanted to lose eight stone within two years. I’ve had to have a feeding tube to help but everything is so painful. After nearly dying I just wish I never got a gastric sleeve.

”They totally botched the operation and left my insides so infected they were all hard and like concrete the doctors said.

“It’s been a horrible ordeal I just want to be well again. Looking back it was so cheap that I really should have thought twice but I just got so swept up.”

Surgeons had to “jet-wash” the inside of Pinky’s stomach to save her life on January 29. She then battled sepsis in Royal Liverpool University Hospital for over a month.

While she has now finally been able to return home, she has been left been unable to eat solid food due to fear of further infection, and now relies on a feeding tube to sustain her.

Pinky – who now weighs 13 stone (82kg) and acknowledges she is “lucky to be alive” – has warned others against having cut-price procedures done, saying: “No one should have to go through this pain. I’m so thankful for all the help I’ve received when I returned. I’ve lost so much weight, but this isn’t how I wanted it to happen”.

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