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Before and after pictures show how Ukraine is rebuilding after a year of war

Emotive photos has shown the mammoth efforts taken in Ukraine to rebuild communities.

The conflict has rendered thousands homeless with properties across the country severely damaged.

In a matter of weeks following February 24, 2022, the physical make-up of cities, towns and villages were transformed by battles and missile strikes.

In January, Ukraine’s government revealed 150,000 residential buildings, 1,500 schools, half of the power system and more than 12,400 miles of roads had been damaged.

There have been 320,000 applications for compensation by homeowners.

A rush of global financial support has meant that a variety of rebuilding programmes are finally underway in Ukraine.

Roofs have been replaced, roads fixed and homes rebuilt.

The World Bank estimates the cost to Ukraine of the recovery and reconstruction stands at more than $349bn (£283bn).

Meanwhile, a huge operation to help rebuild Ukrainian railways will play a critical role in ensuring the country ‘wins the war’, the British transport secretary has said.

The UK Government has pledged £10 million worth of material and equipment to the war-torn nation to repair its ailing infrastructure.

Ukraine‘s railways have been under almost constant attack by rockets and cruise missiles.

In under a year of fighting, 69 bridges and 36,942km of railway tracks have been destroyed.

Despite being badly damaged, Ukraine’s vast network of tracks has remained a critical lifeline to the military effort, to maintaining its grain exports, and not least to the four million evacuees who have fled conflict zones using its routes.

However, repairing the network requires time and resources.

The dangerous work undertaken by the dedicated engineers of the state-owned railway, Ukrzaliznytsia, has cost lives – 307 people have so far been killed and 665 injured in less than a year of fighting.

It is hoped the aid package will make the job of getting Ukraine’s railway up and running faster and safer, and help give them an edge against Putin’s troops.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: ‘I’ve been able to speak to some of those Ukrainian personnel and it’s really clear the importance of this and that this is going to make a difference in helping to get their railway working again.”

Mr Harper said the effort would not only help reconnect the Ukrainian people but help with global supply chains of grain and keep food prices across the world down.

He added: ‘But it’s also part of our bigger effort in making sure that the Ukrainians win this war against Russia.

‘It’s important to every single one of my constituents and every single person living in the UK that the Ukrainians win this conflict.

‘If they don’t, Putin is not going to stop and we’ll see this sort of conflict spreading in Europe.

‘It’s absolutely critical that he is defeated.’

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