Sunday, 20 Jun 2021

‘BBC still fighting Brexit!’ Tory MP calls for immediate review of broadcaster’s PC agenda

Bashir inquiry: BBC will take a ‘long time to recover’ says Cole

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John Redwood made the comments amid the furore over the Lord Dyson inquiry into Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Princess Diana. The recent Lord Dyson report found that Mr Bashir secured the interview with Princess Diana by acting in a deceitful way. Mr Redwood said this morning: “The BBC review should ask why the BBC ignores, attacks or dismisses the views of many it is meant to serve with its relentless politically correct agenda.

“It is still fighting Brexit, and exudes a superior distaste for any populist movement.”

One Twitter user who follows Mr Redwood wrote: “Spot on John.

“It does not represent the majority of the taxpayers who fund it.”

However, one follower of Mr Redwood dismissed his claim and argued: “Brexit has objectively been a total failure that’s probably why.

“Destroyed the fishing industry, chaos in Northern Ireland.

“Devastated our exports.

“Created reams of red tape for small businesses.

“I think they’ve actually been pretty light on reporting it.”

Recent findings from Lord Dyson’s report have said the BBC secured their 1995 interview with Princess Diana using “deceit” through fake narratives and forged documents.

Concerning Mr Bashir’s actions, Lord Dyson said: “What Mr Bashir did was not an impulsive act done in the spur of the moment.

“It was carefully planned.

“What he did was devious and dishonest.”

Mr Redwood has now declared it is time for a complete review of the BBC’s standards.

The Tory MP accused the BBC of “having their own agenda” in the wake of the Lord Dyson report’s findings.

He said: “It is time for a general review of BBC standards and impartiality.”

The BBC interview between Mr Bashir and Princess Diana became a worldwide sensation when it was first aired in 1995.

In the interview, Princess Diana spoke of adultery, palace plotting, and her mental and physical illness.

Referring to suggestions that Princess Diana was under considerable pressure within the monarchy, Mr Bashir said: “Do you really think a campaign was being waged against you?”

Diana replied: “Yes, I did.”

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