Friday, 23 Oct 2020

BBC Radio 5 caller sparks furious backlash after staggering COVID rant: ‘You’re an IDIOT!’

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Two BBC Radio 5 callers debated the importance of coronavirus restrictions imposed by the UK Government across the UK. Moderated by BBC host Nicky Campbell, the pair clashed on how stringent restrictions should continue to be, with one of the callers, Chris, arguing the nation cannot continue to live on intermittent lockdowns as the economy would sink by 2022. He said: “As soon as the restrictions are gone we will be back as we are today.

“As soon as you let people out again, it will go crushing up again.

“We have to have a new way of looking at it, surely.

“Otherwise we will be talking in two years time, we will be saying exactly the same thing, except the economy will be completely flawed and there will be 50 percent unemployment maybe by then.

“Is that what people want?”

Reading some live reactions on the debate, Mr Campbell said: “‘Well said, let’s live again, normal life’.

“Another text: ‘To that man, what about the doctors and nurses?’

“Another text: ‘I completely agree with Chris, mental health will get us quicker than COVID’, from Fraser in Glasgow.

“Another test: “This guy saying he’s going out as people die is an idiot!’.

“That’s from Neil.”

More to follow…

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