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BBC newsreader hints at reason why corporation refuses to call Hamas terrorists

Grant Shapps rows with BBC over refusal to call Hamas terrorists

A BBC newsreader has hinted why the organisation doesn’t refer to Hamas as terrorists.

Presenter Kirsty Young has suggested that the BBC has made the decision because it isn’t able to upset the Gaza authority because it wants access.

Following a barrage of criticism in the early part of the war, the BBC has recently taken the decision to describe Hamas as a proscribed terrorist organisation.

Ms Young made the comments days before the organisation was criticised for giving the wrong advice to pro-Palestine protesters.

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Speaking on Adam Buxton’s podcast, Ms Young said: “I think this whole reporting that it is a proscribed terror organisation with reference to Hamas, then that is a legitimate stance if you want to continue to have access and to report what is happening in those places.

“Because what you don’t want to do is get thrown out of places because you’re not allowed to report any more.

“You want to have access. You know the whole point of the BBC in news terms is to show people the evidence as fairly as they possibly can.”

“If you want those people to have access, you have to be very mindful of your language. I think it’s understandable they’re doing that. It’s a very, very difficult job to get around.”

Ms Young also spoke about bias and the BBC and addressed claims that it is filled with bias.

On this, she said: “The BBC is definitely an imperfect organisation and they have problems, of course they do…The BBC is doing its best, isn’t it, in very difficult circumstances.

“I happen to think it does a pretty good job and I believe in the integrity of the people who work in the news arm. I think they do extraordinary things.”

Following Ms Young’s comments, the BBC said they had set out their position on the use of language.

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They explained: “Our coverage of the unprecedented assault on Israel by Hamas has made clear the nature of the atrocities committed and the impact this has had on civilians.

“Across our reporting, we have explained that Hamas is proscribed as a terrorist organisation by many Western governments, including the UK. We have reflected on the response from the international community to Hamas’ actions and featured contributors who have described them as terrorists.

“We have given careful consideration to all aspects of our reporting of the Israel-Gaza conflict, both in terms of Hamas’ attacks and Israel’s response – this includes the language that we use.

“The BBC is editorially independent; our role is to explain precisely what is happening so that the public can make their own judgements.”

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