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Andrew Tate sued by 3 British women over violent assault allegations

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

Andrew Tate has been accused of violent sexual and physical assault by three British women, who are suing the divisive “alpha male” social media influencer. The women, who are said to be “determined” to get justice for crimes they claim took place between 2013 and 2016, are being represented by McCue Jury & Partners.

The firm is hopeful that bringing these cases to court will pave the way for other victims to come forward.

Tate is believed to have denied any wrongdoing.

The women allege that the former world champion kickboxer caused injury and psychiatric harm via assault as well as coercive and controlling behaviour.

Legal action of this kind, it is hoped, will kickstart a UK-based investigation into the 36-year-old.

One of the claimants alleged: “To have seen Andrew Tate’s rise in popularity and influence, while knowing who he is and what he has done, has been extremely difficult for those of us who were sexually and physically abused by him.

“We intend to prove in court that Andrew is abusive, coercive and controlling, and that his public statements about women are nothing more than fantasy. We are determined to get justice and are ready to fight for it. We hope that in taking a stand now, others will feel empowered to do so themselves.”

Managing partner at McCue Jury & Partners, Matthew Jury, claimed in The Telegraph: “For years, Tate abused and manipulated women across the UK, committing numerous violent sexual and physical assaults, for which he has never been brought to justice. The extent of his crimes in England may be vast and largely unreported, and many of his victims have yet to come forward.”

Tate and his brother Tristan, 34, have been moved from custody in Romania to house arrest.

The siblings were in custody in the former communist nation for three months under investigation of alleged human trafficking and rape.

Both men will remain under house arrest until at least April 29, however, both were seen leaving their property to attend questioning by Romanian prosecutors from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT).

Whilst attending the DIICOT questioning session, the pair’s electronic devices were searched.

Eugen Vidineac, a lawyer representing the men prosecutors seized “a lot of devices” from the property and are “still looking for the information, even now.”

“Being under arrest, even home arrest, the searches (are) mandatory to be done in their presence,” he said. “The prosecutor is doing his job, we respect the job of the prosecutor, of the authorities, we let them do the investigation … and we await the results.”

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