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American tries UK ‘driving test’ without any lessons and fails miserably

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Khemaran, an American with over 12 years of driving in the US, tried his hand at a UK driving test without taking a single lesson.

The man, who goes by Kam, turned to YouTube driving expert Richard Fanders from the Conquer Driving YouTube channel to set him up a mock driving test.

The driving exam, which lasted an excruciating 35 minutes and replicated a formal DVSA exam, ended in public humiliation.

Kam, who travelled to the UK from Florida, boasted that he had driven cross-country across the US several times.

However, before the exam started, he admitted that he had failed a driving test earlier that month due to taking the wrong lane at a roundabout.

During the course of the exam, Richard adopted the role of examiner ‘Jason’, donning a hi-vis jacket and adopting a no-nonsense sterner tone.

At the end of the test, Richard delivered the results, saying bluntly: “I’m afraid to say you failed, better luck next time.”

In all, the American committed 11 minor driving errors and a worrying six serious faults.

When he summed up Kam’s failure, Richard said that the American’s biggest problem was “his attitude”.

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He said: “He had an attitude of going until I know I have to stop, instead of stopping until I know it’s safe to go.”

Among Kam’s serious faults included his control of steering, his reverse parking, and his promptness in a controlled stop.

One silver-lining to the failure was that Richard remarked that he felt “comfortable” as a passenger in Kam’s car despite the many errors.

Many viewers praised Richard’s take on a DVSA examiner, as @robinthebobin6537 posted: “Jason was on point for a DVSA examiner.

“The atrocious jokes, the robotic small talk (what would you normally be doing today), and the delivery of instructions – brilliant.”

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While @leewolf6434 echoed this: “That examiner act was absolutely brutal!! Perfectly captured how horrible they make you feel.”

Viewers of the video, which has racked up nearly 330,000 views to date, praised Kam for taking the test in the first place.

Among them was @bordersw1239, who posted: “Thanks to the young guy for agreeing to this, I’ve been driving for 40 years and would still find this nerve-wracking!”

However, @RikAindow suggested that “Kam seems to have struggled to adjust to our narrower roads and tighter junctions with reduced visibility”.

He added: “For those that haven’t driven in the US, the roads are wider and the junctions, larger, with greater visibility, as such can be taken at much higher speeds.”

This comes as driving theory test pass rates are the lowest they have been in 15 years, according to data released by the DVSA.

The pass rate now stands at just 44.2 percent, compared to 65.4 percent back in 2007/08.

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