Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

Aldi shopper gets funny but sneaky revenge after fellow shopper’s bad etiquette

An Aldi shopper has described the moment he took revenge on a fellow customer who broke a golden rule of shopping etiquette.

Ted Pullin claimed he joined the queue at an Oxford Aldi behind a man with a “deep trolley full of stuff” – a person whose night was possibly then ruined by Mr Pullin.

Explaining the story on a TikTok filmed in his car, Pullin started by asking the important question: “Am I the a*******?”

After nipping into the German supermarket for just two things – “toilet roll and bleach if you must know” – Pullin, also a fitness influencer, found himself stuck behind a large trolley, meaning a long wait.

Pullin pleaded for a quicker exit from the shop: “Hey dude, do you mind if I just go in front of you, I’ve just got two things – I’ll be really quick.”

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But the 24-year-old was in for a shock, explaining how the bloke simply said “‘nah’ – without even looking at me”.

He described his dejected feelings at the time.

He said: “Ok, I don’t really have the energy to argue with anyone today.”

But instead had a better, sneakier idea to get payback.

He added: “He’s unpacking his trolley, it’s mainly household stuff… but the food is at the bottom and the back of his trolley.

“What I can see is onions, tomatoes, ground beef and some spaghetti.”

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“So… I took his spaghetti.”

Pullin then brandished the pack of spaghetti from his lap, before quickly justifying his own bad behaviour – “simply because… I wanted him to not have it.

“He hadn’t paid – I just took it. And then I paid for it.”

Amusingly, Pullin then reveals he “didn’t even want it”, adding “I never eat spaghetti. I certainly don’t eat wholewheat spaghetti – what a freak”.

Pullin then answered the question on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

He said: “I feel great, warm and fuzzy.”

He then issued a final warning to other shoppers: “Just don’t be an a*******, because then you’ll get out-a******** by someone.”

To conclude, he answered his original question, admitting they were “both a********”, and that he was “arguably more of an a*******” than the man with the big trolley.

He said: “But he’s also undeniably an a*******.”

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