Monday, 9 Dec 2019


Ancient Egyptian tomb unveiled

The treasures of an ancient Egyptian tomb, thought to be more than 3,500 years old, have been unveiled. An archaeological mission, affiliated with France’s University of Strasbourg, made the discovery in the Assasseef valley near the city of Luxor. Two sarcophagi, each containing a mummy, were found. All are in perfect condition. The archaeological dig […]

Smiles as ex-enemies cross frontline to shop

The reopening of the border between former enemies Ethiopia and Eritrea has dramatically changed the towns near the frontier, writes the BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza. The sun had just risen but the market in Adigrat was already coming alive when I went to visit. Dozens of makeshift stalls lined the street where a group of women […]

Factors Contributing To The Spread Of HIV /AIDS In Africa

According to the World Health Organization, developing countries still have the highest number of HIV/AIDS infections. Despite increased awareness and numerous sensitization campaigns, HIV transmission rates and prevalence still remains high in African countries slowing down the progress of the fight against the disease. There is no doubt, the outlook of HIV/AIDS has changed drastically […]

Africa Top10 News

1Making Intra- Africa Travel for Africans Easier The African Union Commission Chairperson will reveal the specific details on the production and issuance of the African passport, which will aid the free movement of Africans across the continent. The announcement will happen at the annual AU Summit held in February. SOURCES: eTurbo News 2Lessons from DRC’s Elections […]

Gabon Soldiers Seize National Radio Station In Coup Attempt

Military officers in Gabon have staged a coup attempt, seizing the state radio station and declaring their dissatisfaction with President Ali Bongo, who is recovering from a stroke in Morocco. A New Year’s Eve address by Bongo “reinforced doubts about the president’s ability to continue to carry out of the responsibilities of his office”, said Lieut Kelly […]

Ghana’s Contribution to Plastic Waste Can Be Reduced with the Right Investment

Twelve-year-old Naa Adjeley lives in Glefe, a waterlogged area that is one of the biggest slums along the west coast of Accra, Ghana. The sixth grade student, his parents and three siblings use 30 single-use plastic bags per day for breakfast. When they finish eating the balls of ‘kenkey’, fried mackerel, and pepper sauce, the […]

Africa Top10 News

1Uganda’s First Artificial Intelligence Lab Housed at Makerere University, lab technicians examine blood samples suspected of containing malaria parasites or the bacteria that causes tuberculosis by using a cell phone. The program learns to create its own criteria based on a set of images that have been presented to it previously. It learns to recognize […]

Restoring Ghana’s Mangroves and Depleted Fish Stock

It was just three and a half years ago that the Sanwoma fishing village, which sits between the sea and the mouth of the Ankobra River on the west coast of Ghana, experienced perpetual flooding that resulted in a loss of property and life. This was because the local mangrove forests that play a key […]

Opposition Leader Is Seen by Church as Winning Congo Vote

LONDON — The Catholic Church, one of the few trusted institutions in Congo, has determined that a leading opposition candidate won this week’s presidential elections, a senior Western official and a presidential adviser said on Friday, setting up a potential confrontation with the Congolese government. The candidate, Martin Fayulu, a United States and French-educated oil […]