Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

Survey Reveals Retail Operational Hurdles, Need For Training

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David Harouche, chief executive officer and founder of Multimedia Plus, said the survey showed that there is an opportunity for leveraging technology as part of adjusting to a “new normal.”

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“In order to keep up with the pace of changes, retailers and hospitality executives are using mobile technology and maximizing those resources to incorporate changes in operational procedures,” he explained. “The acknowledgment of pre-shift employee health screening via employee mobile devices is just beginning as managing daily checks of thousands of employees is still a manual process for most organizations.”

Harouche said companies that have “robust mobile training and communication platforms in place have been better equipped to reopen with smoother transitions. We see this trend continuing as teams across the United States need to be flexible and agile.”

Other findings of the report showed that diversity and inclusion training is a top priority as well as leadership development and safety training. New operations and product knowledge training also ranked high.


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