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Healthy fast food chain Sprout to add up to five outlets in Dublin

Healthy fast food chain Sprout & Co plans to add up to five outlets across Dublin over the coming years.

The business, which was established by brothers Jack and Theo Kirwan two-and-a-half years ago, also has plans for expansion outside of the capital with Cork and Belfast mooted as possible destinations.

Sprout opened its seventh outlet on Exchequer Street in August and has offers from three landlords. The company is focusing on the Dublin 2 and 4 areas.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, co-founder Jack Kirwan said: “There’s probably a limit in Dublin. There are seven at the moment and our ambition would be to grow that to 10 or 12 and then look at another city.”

Sprout opened a 40-acre organic leaf farm in Co Kildare earlier in the year to supply its outlets and has considered renting a greenhouse.

Kirwan, who also criticised the recent hike in the Vat rate for the industry, said that recreating its business model outside of Dublin may cause some problems.

“If we’re going to do a Cork or Belfast it would have to be planned out properly and we’d have to start again in terms of our supply chain.

“It’s the sort of concept that more and more people are looking for,” he said.

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