Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021

Why do we need Covid-19 booster shots, tighter curbs? Lawrence Wong, Ong Ye Kung answer key questions

SINGAPORE – Unvaccinated people can continue to enter shopping malls for their medical appointments, such as to make visits to general practitioner clinics or to see the dentist even after vaccination-differentiated measures kick in.

These were one of the questions answered by the co-chairs of Singapore’s multi- ministry task force in a video put up on Facebook on Tuesday (Oct 12).

The video touched on a range of topics, from explaining why people who are eligible should get their booster jabs to why it is necessary to tighten measures even as Singaporeans are told that they need not fear Covid-19.

On Oct 10, the multi-ministry taskforce (MTF) tackling Covid-19 announced that unvaccinated people will no longer be allowed to dine in or enter malls and large standalone stores. Large standalone supermarkets will be exempted from these measures. 

A week’s grace period from Wednesday (Oct 13) to 19 was given for mall operators and others to become familiar with these measures. 

In the video which runs for  about six minutes, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong also explain why  there are tighter measures for those who are not vaccinated.

Mr Wong said: “We are looking out for these unvaccinated people because the risks are higher….We have just 1.5 per cent of people who are unvaccinated, but they make up two-thirds of the people in intensive care units (ICU) or who have passed away.”

 Mr Ong added: “Even if you are young but unvaccinated, don’t take for granted that you are safe.”

Another question raised was whether parents or caregivers who are unvaccinated will be able to take  their children to childcare centres located in malls.

“Again, we will provide flexibility for such cases,” Mr Wong said.

When asked how the task force plans to enforce vaccinated-differentiated measures in coffee shops and hawker centres, Mr Wong said  they will be rely on coffee shop operators to implement this new measure, and that spot checks will be done by the Government.

“All of us must do our part, we must exercise responsibility,” Mr Wong stressed.

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