Tuesday, 2 Mar 2021

Sultan wants 'stronger' Islamic teaching to go with stoning gays

The sultan of Brunei has said he wants to see “stronger” Islamic teachings in the country as it introduced harsh new Sharia laws yesterday that include punishing gay sex with death by stoning.

Amid international outcry, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah told an audience at a convention centre that Brunei was a “fair and happy” place.

The small oil-rich nation had said it would complete the roll-out of Sharia laws to include those crimes that are deemed punishable by amputation or death.

Under the Sharia Criminal Code, offences including rape, sodomy, adultery, robbery and insulting the Prophet Muhammad could result in a death sentence.

Many countries have condemned the changes, while celebrities have called for a boycott of Brunei-linked hotels.

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