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Man probed for using vulgarities on police; another for snatching pass from safe distancing ambassador

SINGAPORE – The police said on Saturday (May 22) that they were investigating a 50-year-old man for allegedly using abusive language towards their officers.

Separately, a 32-year-old man is also being probed for allegedly using criminal force against a safe distancing enforcement officer.

In the first case, which occurred on May 12, the 50-year-old was allegedly drunk, not wearing a mask and shouting at passers-by while at a coffee shop in Yishun Ring Road.

The police said: “When police officers arrived, the man was advised to wear a mask, but he purportedly disregarded police officers’ advice and continued to behave rowdily and hurled vulgarities at the officers.”

The police said the man was arrested for using abusive words against a public servant and for offences under the Liquor Control Act. He will also be investigated for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

The second incident took place on May 14 at about 10.50pm.

The police said three safe distancing ambassadors were patrolling Millenia Walk when they entered a restaurant to conduct checks.

One of the restaurant employees, a 32-year-old man, allegedly approached one of the ambassadors and snatched his pass. He allegedly returned it only after taking photographs of it.

He was subsequently arrested for allegedly using criminal force against a public servant.

Police investigations into both cases are ongoing.

Other recent cases of alleged verbal abuse of safe distancing ambassadors, on May 8 and April 30, are also being investigated.

The police on Saturday advised the public to observe safe distancing measures.

“The police take a stern view of abusive and irresponsible behaviour relating to the flouting of safe distancing measures and offenders will be dealt with in accordance with the law,” they said. 

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Those convicted of using abusive words against public servants can be fined up to $5,000, jailed for up to 12 months, or both.

Those convicted of using criminal force to deter a public servant from the discharge of his duty can be jailed for up to four years, fined, or both.

And those not wearing a mask, or not wearing it properly, outside their place of residence can be fined up to $10,000, or be jailed for up to six months, or both.

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