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Unique art show in Lake Country makes purchasing art affordable

The Lake Country Art Gallery is opening a new exhibit this weekend with the goal of making art accessible and affordable to the public.

“It’s called Under 100. It’s an annual show at the Lake Country Art Gallery that consists of hundreds of original artwork,” said Lake Country Art Gallery president Sharon McCoubrey. “Each one is either under 100 square inches or costs $100 or less.“

All the artists involved in the exhibit are local, hailing from around the Okanagan valley.


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The exhibit, spanning several walls, will be separated by colour.

“The easiest way to hang the show is to start in a colour theme,” said Tina Knooihuizen, director of community engagement for the art gallery. “We’ve gone and separated all the works submitted into colour. So we have yellow, which will fade into orange and orange into red and so on and so forth, so that it becomes kind of a rainbow throughout the gallery.”

As the exhibit gets under way, those who want to purchase a piece can do so immediately.

“You can choose the piece which you fall in love with and take it home right away,” said Knooihuizen. “Then we will fill the spot later, so the show keeps renewing all month.”

Under 100 showcases all genres of art, from drawing and paintings to photography and sculpture. It will also feature a special holiday treat.

“For the first time, we are having an auction tree,” Knooihuizen said. “All of these are tiny little pieces of original artwork, donated by all of the artists who have submitted to the show. At the end of the show, one lucky person will take this whole tree home with them.”

More than 500 pieces of art will be exhibited at the Under 100 show which takes place Nov. 24 to Dec. 21 at Lake Country Art Gallery.

The exhibit will be open seven days a week, with a fun and interactive indoor night market being held on Dec. 6.

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