Saturday, 19 Jun 2021

N.Y.C. Mayoral Candidates on Pandemic Recovery

The next mayor will inherit an economy devastated by the pandemic. Here’s how eight of the leading candidates for mayor of New York say they would help the city recover:

Eric Adams

We will focus on our small businesses to get our small businesses up and operating again. We will look after those over a million New Yorkers who are rent-insecure so that we can stabilize them. And then we will also assist those small-property landlords so that they won’t lose their homes in the process.

Shaun Donovan

I would make sure everyone can walk into a restaurant, everyone can walk into a theater, with an app on their phone that lets them know that it’s a safe place and that the restaurant or the theater knows that that person has been vaccinated.

Kathryn Garcia

Art, culture, restaurants. When they’re strong, that means offices are strong, and that means that tourism comes back. That’s how we come out of this.

Raymond J. McGuire

The first thing I would do is my economic plan, the largest, most inclusive economic comeback in the history of this city. Five hundred thousand jobs — go big, go small, go forward, focusing on the small businesses who are the lifeblood of this city.

Dianne Morales

This is an opportunity for us to transform how we operate and move away from an overreliance on large corporations that come into our communities, exploit our labor and extract our wealth, and rebuild by focusing on those who own businesses locally.

Scott M. Stringer

We can’t open our city the same way we closed it. We have to recognize that in our hardest-hit communities, where there was tremendous loss of life, we have to reinvest in these neighborhoods to repair the damage that Covid brought.

How 8 Mayoral Hopefuls Plan to Fix the Economy

New York City is facing a financial crisis, largely because of the pandemic. Here's how some candidates plan to address the city's budget shortfall..

Maya Wiley

I have a plan called New Deal New York, which I can start executing on Day 1, because as mayor, I will have the power to increase our capital construction budget to $10 billion. That just means money that helps us build things we need built and fixing things we need fixed.

Andrew Yang

We have to get back some of the 66 million tourists who helped support 300,000 of the 600,000 jobs that are missing, as well as all the commuters who are missing from Midtown and other parts of the city.

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