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Lost dog in Penticton: Have you seen Penny?

A Penticton man is searching for his lost rescue dog after he got hit by a car on Halloween while taking her for a walk.

Special provincial constable Ken McLennan says on the evening of October 31st, he decided to take his dog, Penny, out for one more time before heading in for the night. While walking along Redlands Drive, a car hit McLennan.

McLennan says he flew approximately six feet after being hit. After gathering himself, he looked to see if Penny was OK, but the dog had pulled out of her collar and had disappeared. McLennan says he doesn’t know if she was hit or not, though she was seen running into her yard. However, once the ambulance and RCMP arrived, Penny got spooked and bolted down Truro Street.


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McLennan says he was taken to hospital and released the next day with cuts, bruises and major muscle injuries.

McLennan added that Penny, a 10- to 12-year-old Boxer, was found two-and-a-half years ago, abandoned on a logging road near Kamloops. She was emaciated and full of cuts, scars and was fearful. Penny was eventually brought to the South Okanagan, where he adopted her.

“Penny is a very sweet and loving girl,” said McLennan. “However, she is very shy of strangers and it takes a while for her to warm up to people. Because of Penny’s fearfulness, she is frightened of fireworks and jumpy at loud noises.”

McLennan says he started looking for her immediately and also posted photos of Penny on social media. He says volunteers have been searching for her daily, but there is no sign of her.

McLennan says if anyone sees Penny, do not approach her or use a whistle and to call him at 250-460-2449 or Carolyn Hawkins at 250-486-1039.

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