Friday, 18 Jun 2021

Donald Trump blames burst pipe for Joe Biden catching up with him in Georgia

Donald Trump has blamed a burst pipe for helping Joe Biden narrow his lead in Georgia’s electoral count. The President of the United States told a White House press conference Thursday: ‘In Georgia a pipe burst in a faraway location totally unrelated to the location of what was happening, and they stopped counting for four hour, and a lot of things happened.

‘The election apparatus in Georgia is run by Democrats…also had margins of 300,000.’ Trump is now leading Biden by less than 4,000 votes in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state. Politico reported that a pipe burst in a counting room in Fulton County – which covers Atlanta – on Tuesday.

It delayed the count by four hours, but did not damage any ballots, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

President Trump also told Thursday’s press conference that he ‘easily wins’ the election if ‘legal’ votes are counted, and illegal ballots discarded. Trump also claimed his supporters had to use binoculars to try and observe counts, amid a legal wrangle which has seen his campaign team sue for the right to watch ballots being counted.

Independent vote watchers say there has been no evidence of electoral fraud during this year’s election.

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