Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019


School dropout, mother of twins and world record-holder

Athletes often have that one thing that fuels their determination to succeed and for women’s marathon world record-holder Brigid Kosgei, it is her difficult childhood. “When I think back to my humble beginnings and the challenges we went through growing up, I tell myself I cannot go back to that life and it pushes me […]

Police free nearly 150 from school in northern Nigeria

Fourth such operation in a month brings the total released from religious schools in north Nigeria to more than 1,000. Police said on Saturday they had freed nearly 150 students from a purported school in northern Nigeria that claimed it was teaching the Koran but had instead subjected them to abuse. It was the fourth […]

Mozambique elections ‘should be cancelled’

Mozambique’s main opposition party has called for Tuesday’s elections to be cancelled, citing violence and fraud. Renamo accused the ruling party, Frelimo, of violating the August peace deal between the two sides. A European Union observer mission said the elections were marred by an uneven playing field, violence and a climate of fear. A Frelimo […]

Abiy Ahmed: The man changing Ethiopia

The pace of change in Ethiopia has been so fast since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April 2018 that it is almost like observing a different country, and this is why he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The reforms he has introduced were unthinkable not so long ago. For many years, the […]

The president and the pop star

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni seems to be worried about the popularity of musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine. Not long after I arrive at the recording studio of the Afrobeats star, a pick-up truck with soldiers pulls up. Bobi Wine was charged this week with treason – and tension is high in Kamwokya, a slum where he grew […]

Sharp rise in South Africa murder and sex offences

Sexual offences and murder rates have risen significantly in South Africa over the past year, according to new official crime figures. Murders recorded by the police have been rising every year for the last decade, and sexual offences including rape have risen 4.6% this year. The release of the figures comes amid growing concern about […]

‘I was raped, now I fear for my daughters’

South Africans have been outraged by a spate of gruesome rapes and murders of women in recent weeks – including that of a schoolgirl who reportedly had her head staved in, and a university student who was bludgeoned to death. The rapes and murders have led to street protests, the #AmINext campaign on Twitter, and […]

Morocco pardons reporter jailed on abortion charge

A Moroccan journalist sentenced to a year in jail for premarital sex and having an abortion has been pardoned by King Mohammed VI, officials say. The justice ministry said the king’s intervention in the high-profile case was “an act of compassion and mercy”. Journalist Hajar Raissouni, 28, made a victory sign as she left a […]

Follow the ‘yellow-brick road’ – in Ghana

If you follow the yellow-brick road in Ghana, it does not take you to the Land of Oz’s Emerald City, but rather to La – a district in the capital Accra. This is where artist Serge Attukwei Clottey periodically carpets the dusty streets with giant yellow plastic tapestries. Clottey told the BBC his work is […]

South Africa ex-president Jacob Zuma faces court on corruption charges

PIETERMARITZBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (AFP) – South Africa’s embattled former president Jacob Zuma is expected in court on corruption charges on Tuesday (Oct 15), in what would be the first time he faces trial for graft despite multiple accusations. Zuma stands accused of taking kickbacks before he became president from a 51 billion rand (S$4.71 billion) […]