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‘Worst ever domestic abuser’ back in prison six months after release

‘Worst ever domestic abuser’ who beat his girlfriend with hammers and forced her to eat pictures of dead relatives is back behind bars six months after his prison release

  • Craig Thomas, 38, was jailed in 2013 after relentless domestic abuse 
  • He has returned to prison six months after his release for breaching his licence
  • Ex-girlfriend Charlotte Rooks wants his re-offending to be made public
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Craig Thomas, 38, branded the ‘worst domestic abuser’ a judge had ever seen, has been sent back to prison

The ‘worst domestic abuser’ a judge had ever seen has been sent back to prison just six months after his release.

Craig Thomas, 38, was jailed in 2013 for a relentless campaign of abuse he committed against his then partner Charlotte Rooks while keeping her prisoner in his Cardiff flat.

He was given a 10 year prison sentence for beating her with hammers, making her sleep naked standing up and forcing her to eat pictures of deceased loved ones.

He was released last summer after serving five years of his sentence. 

The Ministry of Justice have now confirmed that Thomas was recalled to prison in January for breaching his licence.

A prison service spokesman said: ‘Craig Thomas was recalled to prison on 26 January 2019 for breach of his licence conditions.’

It is has not been confirmed what Thomas did to merit being locked up again.

In 2013, Miss Rooks discovered she was pregnant with Thomas’s child which seemed to trigger an escalation in his violent behaviour.  

She said: ‘Things started to happen. He would stay over and say to me that I had to sleep standing up – then if I was falling asleep he would throw stuff at me.

‘When my foster mum died he made me eat her pictures. I was given a ring that was something sentimental that been left to me and he made me eat that as well.

Charlotte Rooks was the victim of Thomas’s abuse and said she still suffers from PTSD and health problems

‘Numerous times when I was living in my house he would hit me in the stomach with the metal part of the Hoover while I was pregnant.

‘There was glass from a picture frame where he cut the back of my head.

‘Sometimes we would be in the car and he would just repeatedly punch me in the side of the face.’

Miss Rooks said it was fear for her loved ones that kept her from leaving initially.

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She said: ‘This was weeks into the relationship but he kept on threatening to do stuff to my family and my son.

‘He used to make me spend all night standing up naked.’ 

Miss Rooks still suffers from a string of health problems and PTSD following Thomas’ abuse and has called for the reasons behind his recall to be made public.

She said: ‘I have been aware since January this year that Craig Thomas had been recalled to Prison. 

She was made to sleep standing up naked, eat photographs of her family and was repeatedly punched and beaten

Miss Rooks has called for the reason behind Thomas’s re-offending to be made public to protect others

‘Knowing his prolific history of violent offending I am not surprised that this has happened, only that it has taken this long for him to be caught.

‘The law dictates that I am not allowed to know what Thomas has or has not done which, has resulted in his recall.

‘I believe it is in the public interest that myself, other victims, potential victims and the general public are kept fully informed of the whereabouts of such a dangerous and remorseless criminal.’  

A spokeswoman for the Parole Board has said they are reviewing Thomas’ case.

She said: ‘We can confirm the parole review of Craig Thomas has been referred to the Parole Board and is following standard processes.

‘The job of the Parole Board is to determine if someone would represent a significant risk to the public after release.

‘The panel will carefully look at a whole range of evidence, including details of the original evidence and any evidence of behaviour change. 

‘We do that with great care and public safety is our number one priority.’

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