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We live on Britain's WORST street – it's rife with drug addicts, crime & prostitutes… we're terrified for our lives | The Sun

RESIDENTS of the UK's "worst road" say that their lives are being ruined as it's rife with drug addicts and prostitutes.

Homeowners on Slade Road on the outskirts of Birmingham say they see everything from drug deals to stabbings every day.

Chloe Clarke, who works in a pet shop nearby, told The Sun Online: "It’s as bad as people are saying it is with drug deals going on in the street, sex workers selling themselves for a fiver, stabbings, pedestrians getting run over, shoppers being robbed, store bosses being threatened, residents being abused and a lot of fly tipping.

"It’s like a scene from EastEnders with all the seedy goings on here. It’s almost hilarious if if wasn’t so damaging to the neighbourhood."

She recalled that one man, who was "off his head" even stole a rare pet from the shop recently.

Chloe added that the biggest issues come from a collection of house shares which have a high turnover of residents.


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She explained: "Every four weeks new people are coming in and causing havoc.

"They are doing drugs on the street, picking up cigarette butts, and young women are offering boys a good time for a fiver.

"We’re always seeing drug deals but the police just turn a blind eye and druggies are off their heads.

"I recently saw a guy at the house opposite painting the front door red and his jaw was just swinging and you could see he was high on drugs."

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On one occasion, according to Chloe, one of her customers even had to leave the shop to tell a "dodgy" man following a schoolgirl.

Meanwhile, a family row went horribly wrong outside the store as a man ran over his own mother after she kicked him out, Chloe added.

Abrar Hussain, who works as an optician in the area, said: "It’s been labelled Britain’s worst road and it has seen its peaks and troughs and right now there’s been a spike in crime and anti-social behaviour.

"Recently there's been a lot of people in shared accommodation, vulnerable people out of prison and victims of domestic abuse, and they are not getting the support needed so there has been a spate of crime."

One resident, Asif, claimed his car had been repeatedly broken into overnight and a neighbour's had been stolen.

He said: "It’s a bad area for crime, thieves will steal anything.

"I know some residents don't feel safe and are too scared to come out at night to the takeaways or off licence."

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