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Villagers refuse to move ‘holy man’s’ remains to make way for road forcing cars to drive round grave

CARS heading through a village in Turkey have no choice but to drive around a grave in the middle of a road as locals refuse to move a "holy man's" remains.

The bones were reportedly discovered when the owner of a now-demolished house – taken down to make way for a road – had a dream that a "holy man" was buried in her back garden.

When she dug up the site with a neighbour in the district of Sarkisla, Sivas, they were shocked when they did indeed find a skeleton.

As it is forbidden to disturb the bones of "holy men", which must be left where they are buried, the woman simply put up a small unmarked grave and left it.

But years later the house was the subject of a compulsory purchase order to allow the new road through the village, and question marks hung over what to do with the grave after the house was demolished.

Eventually, it was decided to leave the grave and simply build the road around it.

It is not known who is buried in the grave, but the tombstone does have a name written on it – believed to have been dreamt by the woman.

Various legends have sprung up in recent years over the tomb, and some people even come and pray beside it – despite its placement in the middle of the road.

Ahmet Hark, who lives in the neighbourhood, said: "There was a house here 40 years ago."

He confirmed that the owner had dreamt that it was a holy man's tomb, which they found when they dug up the yard and built the grave as a sign of respect.

"Later, the houses here were demolished," he added.

"But according to our belief, it is not right to move the graves of holy men, they should stay where they are.

"Because of that, this grave has remained in the middle of the road built in place of the demolished houses."

It comes after brilliant footage showed the moment a farmer harvested a field right next to apartment blocks after he blatantly refused to sell his land.

A clip shows the field – which is surrounded by residential buildings -being harvested because Polish farmer Michal Myslowski did not sell his piece of land to the developers.

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