Friday, 27 Nov 2020

US election 2020: Could Donald Trump quit immediately if he loses the US election?

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President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will go head to head on one final day of voting in four days, as the next US election concludes on November 3. People have already taken to the polls this year, with millions of voters reported already and constant polling on the developing race. Americans will finally deliver their judgement on Mr Trump as he makes a desperate claim to his office, but questions have arisen as to whether he would do so following a loss.

Could Donald Trump quit immediately following the US election?

President Trump has spent the last four years claiming a trailblazing first term, frequently suggesting he has done more for the US “than any other President” in several sectors.

The famously proud former real estate developer has retained a great deal of hope coming into this year’s race, despite the polls stacked against him.

He has predicted a “great red wave” on numerous occasions, but polls suggest the opposite may happen.

Mr Trump is currently unlikely to win the election this year, with a 43.2 percent chance according to poll aggregators FiveThirtyEight to Mr Biden’s 52 percent.

Michael Cohen, the President’s former personal attorney, suggested Mr Trump would quit with a loss, and then get Mike Pence to pardon him.

He told MSNBC: “My theory is that if he loses, there’s still the time between the election and the time that the next president will take office.

“And during that time my suspicion is that he will resign as president, he will allow Mike Pence to take over, and he will then go ahead and have Mike Pence pardon him.”

But experts remain unconvinced Mr Trump would forfeit the Oval Office so easily.

Speaking to, Robert Singh, a professor of politics at Birkbeck, University of London and Associate Fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Americas, said he would keep hold of his position and dispute the results.

Professor Singh added he would take advantage of his remaining months in office and cause “maximum trouble” for an incoming Biden administration.

He said: “In short, no, there’s no chance Trump would resign even if the loss to Biden proves to be overwhelming.

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“He will, probably, still dispute the results regardless, and try to cause maximum trouble for the incoming administration in the remaining three months of his presidency, instead of ensuring a smooth transition.”

“There are two other factors to consider, as well.

“First, what does he want to do from January 2020 onwards – return to his business, set up a new conservative TV rival to Fox, or something else?

“He may also be wary of criminal proceedings and decide to go abroad for some time (something he mused on at a recent rally).

“Second, it may be that one of the major US rivals – China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia – tried to use the opportunity of the next three months to cause trouble or leverage its position.”

“In which case, Trump may have to respond one way or another.”

While it remains unlikely Mr Trump would quit the presidency immediately following November 4, he has suggested he may leave the country.

Speaking in a rally last week, the President said he would “not feel so good” if he lost.

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