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UK weather forecast: Met Office ALERT – what is a ‘diurnal temperature range’?

The Met Office has forecast 18C for Friday with the best of the weather expected in the southern and eastern parts of Britain. Met Office meteorologist Becky Mitchell said: “It is warming up – it’s not going to be exceptionally warm but it’ll be better than the past couple of days. “Tomorrow will be around 13C, which is slightly cooler than the 15C we had on Sunday, but won’t feel too bad. “A band of high pressure will mean it will be dry across most of the country, with patches of cloud in some places but with sunny spells.

“The best sunshine will be in the south and east, continuing through to Friday.”

However, frost could still plague gardens and fields at night due to a weather phenomenon called the diurnal range – but what is it?

The Met Office tweeted: “Gardeners beware, we could see a patchy #frost in the countryside at times this week, but some pleasantly warm, sunny days.

“Find out more about the phenomenon we call ‘diurnal range’ in this short video.”

The video goes on to explain the weather event as being the daily variation between the lowest and highest temperature.

Huge variations in the temperature are common in springtime, the Met Office says, especially when skies are clear.

“The land remains cool following winter and temperatures can quickly tumble after dark,” the Met Office explained.

“Strong sunshine can soon turn frosty mornings into warm afternoons.

“It’s also the time of year when the sun is gaining in strength.”

How cold will it get at night?

While today has proven warm in the sunshine, patchy frost and fog will fall overnight.

This could see the mercury plummeting to an icy -3C in the southeast of England.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the mercury will plunge to between OC and -2C.

Scotland will remain slightly milder although still cold with highs of 5C in the far north.

Tuesday’s morning rush hour will start off cloudy but temperatures will rise to between 10C and 12C.

The best of the sunshine will be in the southeast of England.

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