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UFO whistleblower claims government is trying to smear his credibility

UFO whistleblower claims the government is trying to leak his medical records in an effort to smear his credibility – after his testimony was slammed by head of Pentagon office as ‘insulting’

  • The US intelligence community has been accused of trying to discredit a UFO whistleblower by revealing his mental health issues
  • David Grusch delivered bombshell testimony last month in Congress about alleged government UFO programs 
  • Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart says a news outlet was given his medical records and the source could ‘only’ be the intelligence community 

A UFO whistleblower who delivered bombshell Congressional testimony last month has sensationally claimed the government is trying to leak his medical record to destroy his credibility. 

David Grusch, a former high-ranking intelligence official, revealed to lawmakers details about a secret government program to retrieve ‘non-human’ technology.

But after his testimony captured headlines about the alleged covert operation, he claims The Intercept informed him it planned to publish an article about his past struggles with mental health and PTSD. 

Local sheriffs allegedly denied being the source of the leak, leading investigative journalist Ross Coulthart to conclude that the ‘only’ possible source of the information could be the intelligence community. 

Grusch made several sensational claims as he appeared before Congress in July, including suggesting the government had killed people to cover up its operations and that the US had been in possession of UFOs since the 1930s. 

David Grusch – a former high-ranking intelligence official – was one of three military whistleblowers on Wednesday who testified under oath he spoke to members of secret programs involving technology far surpassing the US’s capabilities

He was among three military whistleblowers who testified under oath in July that they had firsthand encounters or knowledge about secret government programs involving technology that is ‘non-human.’

His remarks were condemned, however, by the head of the Pentagon’s UFO office, Sean Kirkpatrick, who slammed Grusch’s claims as ‘insulting’.  

Grusch now believes the backlash to his testimony from officials has extended further, with the alleged article’s release reportedly set to publicize his PTSD, grief and depression struggles.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s UFO office, slammed Grusch’s testimony as ‘insulting’

But Coulthart, who previously interviewed Grusch, said the information about the intelligence official’s personal issues should never have even been available.

‘This is a document, that if the media had done the right thing, would be in his police department file in the county sheriff’s office,’ he told NewsNation. 

He said Grusch assumed the journalist who obtained the files sourced them through the sheriff’s office, but claims they confirmed the leak did not come from them.

‘The only other place that had this information is the intelligence community… The intelligence community leaked it,’ he said.

The Intercept has been contacted for comment over the alleged leak. 

Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart said he believes the leak came from the intelligence community

David Grusch (center) pictured with former pilot Ryan Graves (left) and Navy veteran fighter pilot Commander David Fravor as they were sworn in to give testimony to Congress on July 26, 2023

Coulthart added that when he sat down with Grusch, he admitted to his past mental health issues – which were never deemed bad enough for intelligence officials to remove his security clearance. 

‘When I asked him whether there was any dirt that anybody could drag out to try to discredit him, he barely thought it was worth mentioning but he acknowledged that he’d suffered from PTSD when he returned from Afghanistan,’ Coulthart said. 

‘The intelligence community and the Defense Department clearly accepted that there was no issue because he was allowed to keep his security clearance. 

‘David served his country honorably and with distinction. He’s a decorated officer.’

Grusch explained his mental health issues in a statement regarding the potential article, saying his struggles when he returned from Afghanistan were worsened by the loss of a close friend.

‘I was personally affected again years later when a close friend of mine, an intelligence officer who was serving in Air Force Special Operations Command at the time, took his own life shortly after we last spoke,’ Grusch said. 

‘I am proud to be transparent on this matter and am glad I got the help I needed to continue my intelligence career.’ 

He also reportedly insisted that his PTSD had no bearing on his testimony, and Coutlhart called for an investigation into the leak.

‘For anyone to seek to use the suffering of veterans, people who are dealing with PTSD, is utterly reprehensible. It’s contemptible and it should be exposed,’ Coulthart said. 

‘There should be an investigation into how a sensitive file like this was so obviously leaked within the intelligence community to try and discredit a good human being.’ 

Ryan Graves testified alongside Grusch, and told the committee that he and more than 30 aircrew members and veterans have experienced UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena, along with members of Congress who have confided in him

David Fravor reminded the world about his infamous 2004 encounter with the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO. ‘I’d like to say that the tic tac object we engaged in 2004 was far superior to anything that we had at the time, have today or looking to develop in the next 10 years, he said

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David Grusch said the UFO was partially intact and held at a secure airbase until the US retrieved it following the collapse of the fascist Italian regime. 

In July, Grusch was among three people who testified before Congress with intimate details of the US government’s efforts to allegedly conceal UFO activity.

At one point during the first-of-its-kind hearing, he even appeared to suggest the government had killed people to keep its programs a secret. 

Representative Tim Burchett (R-Tenn) asked Grusch: ‘Personally, have you heard anyone [has] been murdered?’ to which Grausch said: ‘I have to be careful answering that question. I directed people with that knowledge to the appropriate authorities.’ 

Grusch also claimed that he had been told by multiple credible intelligence officials that the US government had recovered non-human aircraft that had biological pilots inside them. 

The efforts to retrieve the allegedly alien craft also saw ‘multiple colleagues’ of his injured by UFOs. 

He was sworn in along with Ryan Graves, an esteemed former pilot, and Navy veteran fighter pilot Commander David Fravor, who witnessed the infamous 2004 ‘Tic Tac’ UFO. 

The story saw Graves and several other military officers claim to encounter a large, smooth object during a routine training exercise.  Speaking about the notorious incident last month, he said the craft was ‘far superior to anything that we had at the time, have today or looking to develop in the next 10 years.’ 

Fravor described the Tic Tac object as being ‘perfectly white, smooth and had no windows,’ with ‘two little objects that came out of the bottom.’

‘It was amazing to see. I told my buddy I wanted to fly it,’ Fravor said during the first-of-its-kind hearing.

‘I’m not like a UFO fanatic — that’s not me. But I will tell you that what we saw with four sets of eyes over five minutes, still, there’s nothing we have nothing close to it,’ he said. ‘It’s just an incredible technology.’

When Fravor was asked if he knew of any similar technology on Earth, he responded: ‘Nothing that can come down from space, hang out for three hours and then go back up.’

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