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Two fighting IGUANAS cause mayhem at hotel resort

Two fighting IGUANAS cause mayhem at hotel resort by jumping into a pool and swimming inches away from shrieking tourists

  • Tourists lounging near a resort pool were disrupted by two iguanas fighting
  • Two scaly reptiles got into a feud on the pavement where they hit each other
  • One iguana then suddenly dived into the pool, causing tourists to shriek
  • It swam with surprising speed underwater, passing just inches away from two women in the pool who jumped away to avoid it
  • The second angry iguana followed its enemy into the water
  • One tourist was heard screaming ‘I’m leaving!’ after the bizarre brawl 
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Tourists got the shock of their lives when two feuding iguanas attacked each other at a resort and took their brawl into the pool, swimming just inches away from screaming vacationers. 

All seemed calm and well at the sunny vacation resort in an unknown location, until two iguanas began to hit each other on the pavement. 

Sick of the brawl, one of the scaly creatures runs away and falls into a pool with a ‘plop’ and swims surprisingly fast through the water. 

Tourists lounging near a resort pool were disrupted by two iguanas fighting. The reptiles pictured above in a scuffle 

Tourists jumped out of their chairs and screamed with shock when the iguanas started to hit each other and one then dived into the chlorine pool, as the other stood by and watched

Swimming for its life: The iguana fell into the pool with a ‘plop’ and shocked the crowds by with swift speed underwater

Tourists lying by the pool immediately start screaming in shock, rising from their lounging chairs and pointing towards the water.  

The sly reptile makes its speedy getaway zooming through the water and swimming just centimeters away from two women in the pool. 

The iguana creeps up behind one woman wearing googles, causing her to stand up and squeal. 

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Dangerously close: The iguana swam just inches away from one woman, who shrieked and jumped out of the way when she realized the scaly reptile was so close 

An unwelcome guest! The woman tried to protect herself from the animal that swam towards the other end of the pool

Hot pursuit: After the first iguana dove into the pool, the second followed afterwards, pictured above swimming in between two tourist 

As it swims forward another girl dives underwater and the reptile coolly passes over her. 

Just when the crowd though the bizarre scene was over, the other reptile hops into the water and follows the first iguana, swimming in between to the two frightened women in the pool. 

After the iguanas are out of sight one woman is heard saying in Spanish ‘I’m leaving!’

It’s not clear where or when the incident took place. 

The tourists are left laughing and screaming in shock with the bizarre disruption to their vacation and no one was harmed in the iguana brawl. 

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