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‘Turkey teeth’ grandad shows off smile as cigarette-stained gnashers replaced

A delighted grandad has been showing off his smile to anybody who will look after splashing out £7,000 on a brand new set of pearly whites.

Paul Pilkington is the latest to turn to "Turkey teeth". The craze has seen thousands of crooked-smiled Brits flock to have their denticles replaced.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the 70-year-old "can't stop grinning" after having his cigarette-yellowed gnashers transformed.

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The grandfather-of-18, who lives in Aberystwyth, Wales, quit smoking after 50 years of fags but his habit left him with missing and rotting teeth.

He told how he was once self-conscious of his smile and didn't like to flash people a grin.

But the mouth revamp wasn't a simple process. He had to fly to Turkey twice to have 16 of his old teeth removed.

He was fitted with temporary dentures and sent home for his implants to embed securely into his mouth before the next step.

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But he opted to return to a different clinic for the second part of the procedure after feeling his care hadn't been the best.

Several of his implants failed and needed to be replaced on his return to Turkey. Eventually, he opted for a new clinic in Izmir.

The retired entertainment manager said: "I worked in entertainment all my life and was always self-conscious being in front of people every day. I never used to smile properly because I didn't want people to see my teeth."

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Paul went on: "I also had some which were loose and it was painful to chew on them. But now I can't stop grinning and I don't have to worry about any of that any more.

"The transformation changed everything. My confidence is through the roof now.

"People say it's taken 10 years off me – it was worth every penny and I wish I did it sooner."

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Paul said the transformation was an "absolutely perfect fit with no pain". He added: "When I looked in the mirror and saw them I just felt brilliant."

And there was a poignant reason behind his decision too. His wife, 50, died from a heart attack in September 2020.

He reflected: "She would have been kicking me up the backside telling me to do something with my life if I wasn't happy."


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