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Tory MP suggests woke culture is 'destroying our children's souls'

Tory MP suggests woke culture is ‘systematically destroying our children’s souls’ and driving them to self-harm and suicide as she says tax system should encourage mums to have more babies to avert ‘overarching threat to Western civilisation’

Woke culture is driving children to self-harm and even suicide, a Tory MP claimed today.

Miriam Cates told a right wing conference that ‘cultural Marxism’ is ‘destroying our children’s souls’.

The evangelical Christian MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge also criticised the tax system for failing to ‘subsidise’ couples for raising children.

She warned that falling birthrates in the developed world were an ‘overarching threat to Western civilisation’ caused by developed countries’ low birth rates.

The 40-year-old former teacher has previously called for tax breaks for families to allow them to stay at home rather than going out to work. 

Mrs Cates told the National Conservatism conference in Westminster that young people would not have children if they did not have ‘hope for the future’.

She said: ‘That hope is sadly diminishing in so many of our young people today, because liberal individualism has proven to be completely powerless to resist the cultural Marxism that is systematically destroying our children’s souls.

‘When culture, schools and universities openly teach that our country is racist, our heroes are villains, humanity is killing the Earth, you are what you desire, diversity is theology, boundaries are tyranny and self-restraint is oppression, is it any wonder that mental health conditions, self-harm and suicide, and epidemic levels of anxiety and confusion characterise the emerging generation?’

Miriam Cates told a right wing conference that ‘cultural Marxism’ is ‘destroying our children’s souls’.

Speaking at the same event, former minister Jacob Rees-Mogg was interrupted by a protester.

She added: ‘We must end the indoctrination of our children with destructive and narcissistic ideologies, instead protecting childhood, training children in the timeless virtues and teaching them how to love our country.’ 

Her use of the phrase ‘cultural Marxism’ is likely to raise eyebrows. Home Secretary Suella Braverman was criticised for using it in 2019 by the Board of Deputies for British Jews, which said it ‘has a history as an anti-Semitic trope’.

Speaking at the same event, former minister Jacob Rees-Mogg was interrupted by a protester.

Shortly after the Tory MP began speaking, a man joined him at the lectern and told the audience: ‘I would like to draw your attention to a few characteristics of fascism.’

The protester was then bundled off the stage.

Ms Cates also told the conference in Westminster that falling birth rates were ‘the one overarching threat to British conservatism and indeed the whole of Western society’.

‘Our fiscal system has gone from seeing the family as the fundamental unit of the economy, and subsidising couples for the cost of raising children, to not even recognising family at all,’ she said

‘British families now pay far more tax than in comparable countries. And the message from the state is clear – having children and investing in their upbringing is of no economic value to the nation. The implication is that having children is an entirely private enterprise – a bit like buying a luxury car, don’t do it if you can’t afford it.

‘And I’ve heard many people say, including those who say they vote Conservative, that having children is a lifestyle choice. But having children is about as much of a lifestyle choice as eating. It’s fundamental for survival.’

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