Monday, 5 Dec 2022

Top Kremlin wife ’embarrasses Putin’ with NATO holiday plate-smashing party

The wife of a top Kremlin chief has been slated after being pictured frantically smashing plates while on holiday in Greece.

Tatiana Navka, born in Soviet Ukraine, is married to Dmitry Peskov,54, President Vladimir Putin’s hawkish spokesman and also deputy chief of his Kremlin administration as the nation wages war on Ukraine.

It seems the 47-year-old has been enjoying her trip abroad but pictures of her taking part in the Greek tradition of plate smashing have led to her being slated by Russian and Ukrainian critics.

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Some commenters have questioned how she received a visa for an EU country as most Russians are unable to fly abroad due to sanctions, visa curbs, and flight restrictions on Russian airlines.

Others believed she has 'lost the plot' by behaving in such a way and have called for her to be act 'more modestly'. Some comments have also suggested she was intoxicated in the late night plate smashing video and branded it 'absolutely inappropriate'.

Tatiana was asked: “Have you lost all sense?” And she was told: “This embarrasses Putin and Russia.”

Another angry comment said: “I believe it is absolutely inappropriate for the president's press secretary and his wife to be partying in these difficult times.

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“They completely lost their shame, and mostly show exactly how they 'love' their motherland and their people.”

User Karina Margary, one of her 1.2 million followers, furiously condemned her.

“Not only Ukrainian lads are dying in Ukraine, but Russian men die too and get captured.

“Just for a minute, imagine what the mum of a deceased guy would feel like when seeing your video."

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Another angry follower demanded: “Remove this and don’t disgrace yourself.” One more said: “Your country is fighting with Ukraine, children, women and elderly are dying, and you post from Greece. Aren't you ashamed? “

A critic highlighted Russia’s latest attack: "Kharkiv is on fire again, with 17 wounded, seven dead in the latest dormitory attack.

“Yet you are here showing yourself off, loving yourself.

“No shame at all, you are all murderers.

“How can you be posting these pictures….

"The deaths and sufferings of dozens of people are on your hands, and you are pretending not to know it!”


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