Friday, 24 May 2024

Top executive apologises after praising Adolf Hitler as ‘massive action taker’

A high-flying executive from financial giants Deloitte has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after writing an essay about Adolf Hitler on careers site LinkedIn.

Neerabh Mehrotra, an associate director of risk advisors at the multinational corporation, wrote his post after reading Laurence Rees’s biography of the Nazi dictator, The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler.

Mehrotra listed several “charismatic qualities” he claimed Hitler had, including the assessment that he was “extremely confident” and a “massive action taker”.

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He added that one of Hitler’s key personality traits was that he couldn’t tolerate any disagreement with his views, and “never allowed anyone to get closure [sic] to him,” living most of his life alone.

Mehrotra concludes that the “morale” [sic] of Hitler’s story is that everyone has some good qualities, no matter how shocking their actions might be.

He signs off by saying “as the Nazi salute says, ‘Heil Hitler’.”

The backlash against Mehrotra’s ill-considered post was as swift as it was massive.

The Aussie Corporate, an Instagram account that shares business-related memes, shared Mehrotra’s rambling LinkedIn post with its 76,000 followers.

Many of the people who saw the shocking post were convinced it had to be a spoof.

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One said: “My question is: how does someone with such social ineptitude and little self-awareness get to the level of associate director. no less, a top consulting firm…”

Another commuter added: “Wow, just wow. He could’ve at least taken the angle of, 'let’s identify what made even such a horrible person so popular to the masses' and then highlight those to show how powerful they could be in the hands of a good person. But not this, definitely not this.”

But then the site followed up with a screenshot of Mehrotra’s apology, in which the shamefaced Deloitte employee, who is reportedly based in one of the company’s Indian offices, stressed that he had “no intention of hurting anyone's feelings”.

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“I would also like to clarify,” he added, “that this was my personal opinion and has nothing to do with my race religion, country or organisations I am associated with at the moment or in the past.”

Mehrotra has since deleted his account.

The Daily Star has contacted Deloitte India for a comment.

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