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Three cops are injured in standoff with shooter in Dodge City

The real Wild West! Three cops are injured in standoff with shooter trying to flee traffic stop on Wyatt Earp Boulevard in Dodge City: Gunman is shot dead and woman is also injured

  • A Kansas shoot out left six dead or injured this morning, after a traffic stop devolved into a multi-car chase and standoff
  • Police say the incident occurred after local deputies attempted to pull over a wanted suspect on the side of the road
  • Three deputies, as well as a female passenger, have been rushed to hospital 

A Kansas town known for its cowboys and gunslingers bizarrely saw history repeat itself this morning, as deputies engaged in a deadly stand-off with a wanted suspect.

Three deputies were shot and a Highway Patrol officer bitten in the Dodge City shoot out that left the gunman dead, and his female passenger rushed to hospital. 

After a Clark County Sheriff’s Office tried to stop a vehicle driven by the wanted man this morning, the traffic stop turned quickly into a high-speed chase, and ultimately, a prolonged shoot out on the aptly named Wyatt Earp Boulevard.  

A lawman and gambler infamous throughout the American West, Wyatt Earp was involved in the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral, during which lawmen shot and killed three outlaw cowboys. 

Dodge City, where the more recent shoot out occurred, is also renowned for its history as a landmark of the American West. At the time, it was known for having the most gunfighters of any town on the Western frontier. 

Video footage of the scene’s aftermath shows police vehicles gathered at the side of the Wyatt Earp Boulevard

3 deputies were shot during the altercation and another bitten by a K-9 officer, while the suspect was fatally shot at the scene

In video footage taken from within a nearby building, a barrage of bullets can be heard from the cars parked in the distance

The traffic stop occurred around 9am on Monday morning, when deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office attempted to intercept the yet unidentified suspect.

Immediately fleeing, the driver led the deputies on a chase from Clark County into Ford County, where deputies from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol joined the pursuit. 

Skidding to a stop on Wyatt Earp Boulevard, the wanted driver then exchanged gunfire with the various deputies – leaving him dead, and a female passenger seriously injured. 

Video footage taken by onlookers shows a barrage of gunfire coming from a collection of vehicles.  

Three other deputies were shot in the encounter, with two rushed to Wichita Hospital in serious condition, and a Kansas Patrol Officer bitten by a K-9 officer.

Why the driver was originally wanted by police is not yet known, nor the identity of his injured passenger.

Wyatt Earp was an infamous lawman in the Wild West, known for leading the O.K. Corral gunfight, which saw three outlaw cowboys shot and killed by lawmen in 1881

Dodge Town was renowned for its number of gunslingers in the late 1800s, and has inspired many a Western action flick

Local authorities say the investigation is still in a preliminary stage. 

A number of popular Western films have been named after, or set in, Dodge City – including the 1959 flick The Gunfight at Dodge City. 

Once known as the ‘Cowboy capital of the world’, Dodge City lost many of its more colorful residents in the late 1800s following the shutdown of the Great Western Cattle Trail. 

The sleepy little town now runs ‘Wild West experiences’ for visitors and tourists. 

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